Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Sassy Girl (2008)...

Poyo citer ni... but it gives another dimension for those looking for a destiny to bridge..Ejai...g tengok nih..


Like the original film, this is a story of how a nice guy falls in love with a hellion. The guy is Charlie Bellow (Bradford), a polite, kind-hearted young man from the Midwestern state of Indiana, and the hellion is Jordan Roark (Cuthbert), a beautiful, fun-loving, emotionally volatile young woman who drinks too much and lives in New York City with her father, who is a wealthy physician. Charlie narrates the story.
Charlie's parents hope Charlie will one day secure a managerial position with the Tiller King agricultural company, where his father works as a maintenance mechanic. When Charlie starts business school in New York City, he sees Jordan drunkenly leaning over the guard rail in a subway station, saves her from an oncoming train, and carries her to his apartment. During the following weeks, Charlie and Jordan have several fun, creative dates. Worried about Jordan's volatility, Charlie usually declines when she invites him somewhere, but she cheerfully ignores his refusal and he always gives in to her. Among other things, Jordan tells Charlie that her fiancé recently left her, tells a Tiller King representative she is pregnant with Charlie's child, sabotages Charlie's job interview with another Tiller King representative, and gives a piano recital. Charlie and Jordan have no sex during this time, but he falls deeply in love with her and she obviously enjoys being with him. Their dating is occasionally interrupted by Jordan's father, who believes Charlie is responsible for her drunkenness.
After two or three months, Jordan asks Charlie to meet her in Central Park to exchange love letters. At the park, she says she needs more time to heal from the loss of her fiancé. She insists that they bury their letters under a bonsai tree, stop seeing each other, and meet at the same place on the same day of the following year. When the day arrives, Charlie returns to the tree, but Jordan is not there. In her letter, she explains that her fiancé actually died, that Charlie reminds her of him, and that many of her dates with Charlie were reenactments of previous dates with her fiancé. She says that her absence at the bonsai tree means she has not healed yet and that this means destiny has dictated that she and Charlie were not meant to be together. The next day, Jordan goes to the tree, where an old man tells her Charlie has visited the tree periodically, even going so far as to replace it a few months ago after it was struck by lightning. In his letter, Charlie tells Jordan she is the only woman he will ever love and says he believes he is destined to be with her.
Some time later, Jordan meets at a restaurant with her ex-fiancé's mother. The two women got along well while he was alive, and they have stayed in touch since his death. The mother has been trying to set Jordan up with another young man, and she has arranged for the two to meet today. As she begins to describe the man, Charlie walks into the restaurant. The mother is Charlie's aunt, Jordan's fiancé was Charlie's recently deceased cousin, and Charlie is the young man himself. The film ends after Charlie and Jordan share their first kiss and Charlie explains to the audience that we all need to help destiny in shaping our lives. Repeating the old man's words, he says "You need to build a bridge to the one you love."


ejai said...

dah tgk la, lamer dah tgk DV.. ni adaptasi drpd cite Korea.. Hollywood tiru Korywood..

komen: I wish that guy is me..and the gal is..........?

akufiqir said...

it is a good movie...enjoyed watching it because realistically there's no such personality like that...its only a fiction...and we may need to find a friction of our life and re-arrange to UN-puzzle it...Tx Bro fr your comment..

neyna pathi said...

i pun dah lama tgk citer ni n mmg best giler k! moral of the story kalau dah jodoh mmg begitu k. tapi i ni,ntah apa nak jadi xjumpa2 lagi..

akufiqir said...

agaknya Neyna..u cari kat salah tempat agaknya hehehe